Call for Registration of Buyers for Purchasing of Natural Crystalline Vein Graphite of Kahatagaha Graphite Lanka Limited in Sri Lanka for the year 2014

Sri Lanka is the only commercial source of supply of high Carbon Natural Crystalline Vein (lump) Graphite in the world. Some of the highlights of the graphite industry in Sri Lanka are given below;


  • During the First and Second World Wars approximately 35,000 metric tons/year of natural graphite were exported. One of the fastest growing economies in the world – GDP growth: 8.2%
  • The Sri Lankan Government is keen on promoting foreign private sector investment, with graphite being the country’s one of most important mineral products
  • Sri Lanka is underlain by Proterozoic high grade metamorphic rocks with Phanerozoic sediments being restricted to the coastal region
  • Sri Lanka has been mining graphite for 200 years
  • Carbon content of more than 90%C in commercial quantities


Kahatagaha Graphite Lanka Ltd is being one of the graphite producing mine in Sri Lanka (which is owned by the Government of Sri Lanka) has the following specifications;


  • Producing approximately 80 tones monthly, and is planning to increase its production
  • Kahatagaha mine is 2,000 feet (610 meters) deep which makes it is the deepest mine in Sri Lanka and accessed   by  2 shafts (Currently mining at a depth of 350m (1,100 feet))
  • Kahatagaha Mine is capable of mining high purity Natural Vein Graphite over 99% carbon in fully crystallized form (Minimum 90% purity with majority by weight being lump type at 95% carbon, +10mm)
  • It is found as needles, lumps, rossets, and flakes, enjoying monopoly of high carbon crystalline vein graphite with low ash content having a proven reputation of world market acceptance as a unique product.
  • They are dealing with the buyers in Japan, USA and UK.


Product technical specification and chemical composition of their products are attached.



At present, Kahatagaha Graphite Lanka Ltd in Sri Lanka is in the process of expanding their business and production capacities and the company is looking for;

1)      New overseas buyers:

They would like to commence business with whatever countries interested in buying graphite


2)      Foreign investors/ Joint venture partners to manufacture value added products, in Sri Lanka:

They would like to entertain foreign investors who are willing to invest money for high tech purpose  manufacturing or industrial application to start graphite end product manufacturing industries such as conductive brushes, gaskets, pencils, grease, lubricants, graphite bricks and crucibles etc in Sri Lanka make use of Kahatagaha raw materials

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MIC) of Sri Lanka has called for registration of prospective buyers for purchasing of Natural Vein Graphite of Kahatagaha Graphite Lanka Limited in Sri Lanka for the year 2014.

Web link for the details of the specifications and other relevant information received from MIC of Sri Lanka in this regard is as follows.


Contact person in Sri Lanka for more information;

Mrs. Indika Ranathunga
Director/Corporation & Statutory Boards
Ministry of Industry & Commerce
Tel      : 0094112329722
Email  :