Sri Lanka tourist arrivals up 22-pct in March, 2016

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s tourist arrivals surged 22.8 percent in March 2016, from a year earlier, with India surging ahead of China, and key Western European generating markets growing 30 to 40 percent.

In the first quarter of 2016, arrivals were up 22.1 percent to 584,818.

Visitors from South Asia rose 28.6 percent to 96,913 with Indian arrivals surging 38.2 percent to 30,170 from a year earlier.

Indian arrivals in the first quarter rose 32.2 percent to 85,624, overtaking China despite arrivals rising 46 percent to 77,914.

Arrivals from China rose 40 percent to 19,645 in March.

In 2015 China displaced India from its long time pole position as Sri Lanka’s top generating market. India became Sri Lanka’s top market after an administration in 2001, improved economic freedoms and ended visa requirements.

The last administration also helped tourist arrivals by providing fast e-visa and improving economic freedoms by ending paper work, physical documentation and delays.

Sri Lanka has become the latest Indian destination for weddings and the country is getting good press in Indian media.

Visitors from Western Europe rose 22.6 percent to 69,972, with British arrivals rising 32 percent to 44,813.

German arrivals rose 6.3 percent to 16,264. Arrivals from France rose 11 percent to 11,175, visitors from Italy rose 30 percent to 2,683 and visitors from Sweden rose 43 percent to 2,339.…MORE