Sri Lanka’s Participation at the Second Asian Cultural Festival in Stockholm, Sweden

cultural_event_2015The Sri Lankan Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden participated at the Second Asian Cultural Festival held on the 8th of March 2015 at the Embassy of Afghanistan in Sweden. This event was organized by the Network of Asian and North African Cultural Representatives in Sweden (NACR). The Embassies of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan & Sri Lanka based in Sweden showcased their cultural richness in many ways by participating at this festival in Sweden.

The Second Asian Cultural Festival organized by NACR highlighted the rich histories, arts and traditions of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka through an assortment of cultural performances and other activities. There were traditional handicrafts, food, music, songs, exhibitions, dance performances, workshops, paintings, cloths, cultural displays unique to each country that created the ambience of the richness of Asian culture . A goal of this cultural festival was to promote, educate, and share many diverse aspects of Asian cultures with the people in Sweden.

Sri Lankan stall was decorated with traditional handicrafts such as wooden crafts, silver ware, brass and copper products, handlooms, rush & reed ware and trading items such as coir products, ceramic products, soft & wooden toys, natural cosmetics, spices, tea etc. Eye catching photographs were displayed showcasing cultural heritage and natural beauty of Sri Lanka under eight main themes covering Pristine nature , Heritage, Thrills, the Wild, Bliss, Scenic beauty , Essence and Festivity . These photographs on display, attracted many visitors to the stall. The staff of the Embassy arranged delicious traditional Sri Lankan food for the visitors and none of them missed the culinary delights of Sri Lanka. In addition, Ceylon tea was served , much to the delight of the visitors at the event. There was much demand for Ceylon tea , as the visitors expressed their gratification tasting a cup of pure Ceylon tea.Furthermore, brochures on tea & Sri Lanka tourism were distributed at the Sri Lankan stall.

In addition, on stage an eight year old Isla Oceani Fernando, a Sri Lankan child living in Sweden entertained and enthralled the gathering with her performance on Sri Lankan traditional, folk dancing and singing items.

Furthermore, a short documentary film on cultural heritage combined with the natural beauty of Sri Lanka was screened and the visitors were impressed by the beauty and diversity of Sri Lanka as a tourism destination.

This festival has created many opportunities to Sri Lanka as the visitors were interested in Sri Lankan cultural materials, handicrafts, trading items . Furthermore, Sri Lanka Embassy in Sweden used this occasion to promote Sri Lanka as a tourist destination and was able to show that Sri Lanka is one of the few places in the world that can offer the travelers a combination of landscapes, scenic mountain ranges to pristine beaches, basically offering diversity within one country.

The success of this event can be attributed to the voluntary contributions made by each and every staff member of this Embassy, which was conducted on a Sunday 08th March 2015.

08th March 2015
Embassy of Sri Lanka in Stockholm

Second Asian Cultural Festival in Stockholm

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