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Though Christmas Day is still three weeks away, the Christmas spirit filled the Embassy  of Sri Lanka as Christmas was celebrated at the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Stockholm on 09th December 2017 with an evening of prayers, carols and entertainment.

Ambassador Mrs. Damayanthie Rajapakse delivered the welcome speech. The celebration was made more solemn with the religious observances and Christmas messages delivered by Rev. Father Francisco Herrera-Mayagoitia and   Rev. Sister Jenny Salaj .

The Christmas Programme comprised of singing Christmas carols performed  by Sri Lankan children living in Stockholm. The Embassy  had the pleasure of welcoming the children from Adolf Fredrik music school, one of the most prestigious music schools in Sweden who performed at the event together with the Sri Lankan children.  Other Sri Lankans also gave a rousing rendition of Christmas carols joined by the Staff of the Embassy.

To  create the  Christmas ambience, the nativity scene was enacted  by Sri Lankan children at the venue and the role of Santa Claus was played by a Sri Lankan to make the event more vibrant and colourful. A large number of Sri Lankans and Swedish nationals participated at the event and enjoyed partaking of Sri Lankan food served for the guests.

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12th  December 2017

(Photo credit Mr. Harry Withana)

“SRI LANKA – THE LAND OF SERENDIPITY” Consumer promotional event held at Kungsträdgården, Stockholm on 16th September, 2017

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Stockholm in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau (SLTPB) conducted a tourism promotional event and a cultural evening titled “Sri Lanka – The Land of Serendipity” at Kungsträdgården, Stockholm on 16th September, 2017. This location was arranged by the Sri Lanka Embassy in Stockholm under the aegis of Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau for conducting the event as this venue is the most popular and most visited open air arena for advertising and conducting cultural activities in the city of Stockholm. The Turkish Airline and Emirates Airlines lent a hand partly sponsoring the event.

The enactment of the dances presented by Channa Upuli Dance ensemble was well received by the audience comprising of Ambassadors, Diplomats, Tourists visiting Sweden, Swedish Nationals as well as the Sri Lankan community admiring the artistry of these renowned dancers. Large gatherings present at the venue throughout the day, enjoying every moment of this event was testimony to the admiration and appreciation of the Sri Lankan culture.

In addition to the Sinhala and Tamil dances choreographed and presented by the Channa Upuli Performing Arts Foundation, the dances staged especially by the Sri Lankan Tamil community, highlighted the ethnic diversity of Sri Lanka attracting many Sri Lankan Diaspora communities living in Sweden.  Besides the cultural activity, exotic gems of Sri Lanka, master craftsmen displaying carving of traditional masks, travel agents presenting travel opportunities to Sri Lanka focusing on leisure travel and Ayurveda were showcased as other components of the promotion.  Food courts set up at the Kungsträdgården serving an array of Sri Lankan culinary delights and delectable food items by the Sri Lankan community was yet another attraction.

Besides promoting Sri Lanka in Sweden, another important outcome of the event was the presence of all Sri Lankan Diaspora community coming together to celebrate Sri Lanka after a lapse of many years, proving that culture and art is a strong medium that binds all Sri Lankans together.

The staff of the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Stockholm, officials from the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau in concert with the dance troupe from the Channa Upuli Performing Arts Foundation made a three pronged approach when organizing the event. In sum, it is to popularize Sri Lanka in the Scandinavian region as a tourist destination, to bring all Diaspora communities together and in strengthening diplomatic relations between Sri Lanka and Sweden.

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“SRI LANKA – THE LAND OF SERENDIPITY” Consumer promotional events

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Stockholm in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau (SLTPB) conducted a series of tourism promotional events titled “Sri Lanka; The Land of Serendipity” aboard Tallink Silja Shipping Line on its voyages to Tallinn-Estonia and Riga-Latvia and on return voyages to Stockholm from 08th to 14th September, 2017 showcasing Sri Lanka as a tourist destination. The Tallink Silja Shipping Line is considered as one of the most popular and convenient mode of conveyance within Scandinavia and the Baltic region. This promotion was coordinated by Mr. Arnis Anchupans, Honorary Consul for Sri Lanka in Latvia and Mr. Vallo Paal, Honorary Consul for Sri Lanka in Estonia in collaboration with the Tallink Silja AB. With this promotional activity, Sri Lanka tourism sector linked itself with cruise tourism in the Baltic and Scandinavian region. The events held aboard ‘M/S Baltic Queen’ and ‘M/S Romantika’ owned by Tallink Silja Shipping Line were highly successful as the dance performances by Channa Upuli Performing Arts Foundation on the main theatre of the ships provided the right combination of acoustics and lighting to bring to lime light the mesmerizing, yet graceful movements of the Channa Upuli Dance Troupe narrating the story of Sri Lanka’s age old dancing traditions displayed with a tinge of modern artistry. Since the enactment of the traditional art of Sri Lanka is unique and distinctive in Scandinavia and the Baltic region, Sri Lankan entertainment could keep the audience captivated and spell bound, generating the much needed curiosity and awareness among the passengers about Sri Lanka. Upon M/S Romantika’s port of call in Riga-Latvia, a business meeting and a mingling was arranged for Diplomats, Latvian businessmen and Travel companies with the Sri Lankan representatives at the main theatre of the ship with the assistance of the Honorary Consul for Sri Lanka in Latvia. Around 70 – 80 guests were present on the occasion. This business gathering was a splendid opportunity to spread the word that Sri Lanka has made a mark in the leisure travel market. A similar business event and B2B meetings among the travel agents were conducted at M/S Silja Serenade during the time the ship was docked at Värtahamnen, Stockholm, Sweden. The stall especially allocated for the Sri Lanka Embassy, Stockholm on the ships were utilized to display exotic gems and jewellery of Sri Lanka, mask carving, Ceylon tea and for the travel agents to carry out promotions. The participation of relevant personnel in these fields was arranged through SLTPB. Additionally, the Management of the Tallink Silja Shipping Line provided facilities for Ceylon Tea and Sri Lankan ‘hoppers’ to be served at the restaurants of the ship. Promotional material such as large format visuals and posters were arranged along the internal passageway of the ship to bring the best attractions of Sri Lanka to light. The overall audio visual impact created by each and every component of this promotional campaign helped to keep the focus of attention of the passengers from around the world, drawn towards Sri Lanka during their journey on the ship. Packed audiences enjoying the dance performances and the large number of passengers thronging the Sri Lanka Embassy stall aboard the ships are ample testimony for a tourism promotion conducted successfully, competitively marketing Sri Lanka as a preferred tourist destination.

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´Sri Lanka the Land of Serendipity` Tourism Promotional Programme

´Sri Lanka the Land of Serendipity`

Sri Lankan Day & a Cultural Evening ´Sri Lanka the Land of Serendipity` at Kungsträdgården, Stockholm on 16th September 2017 from 11.00 hrs. to 21.00 hrs.



Vesak is without doubt the most significant and revered religious festival commemorated by the Buddhists in Sri Lanka and the world over. In keeping with this practice the Stockholm Buddhist Vihara conducted the Vesak programme on 3rd May 2015. Large number of Buddhist devotees living in Stockholm and the neighbouring cities visited this temple, to participate at the religious activities.

Each and every member of the staff of the Embassy of Sri Lanka contributed and actively participated at the event, where by alms were offered to the Buddhist priests, to those who had observed sil and to other devotees paying homage to Lord Buddha at the temple, on the Vesak Day. Staff of the Embassy joined the other Sri Lankans in the religious activities conducted at the temple, that included offering flowers, light and incense with recitation of pali stanzas .

These events all added to the serenity of the Vesak Day celebrations.

Sri Lanka’s Participation at the Second Asian Cultural Festival in Stockholm, Sweden

cultural_event_2015The Sri Lankan Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden participated at the Second Asian Cultural Festival held on the 8th of March 2015 at the Embassy of Afghanistan in Sweden. This event was organized by the Network of Asian and North African Cultural Representatives in Sweden (NACR). The Embassies of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan & Sri Lanka based in Sweden showcased their cultural richness in many ways by participating at this festival in Sweden.

The Second Asian Cultural Festival organized by NACR highlighted the rich histories, arts and traditions of Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka through an assortment of cultural performances and other activities. There were traditional handicrafts, food, music, songs, exhibitions, dance performances, workshops, paintings, cloths, cultural displays unique to each country that created the ambience of the richness of Asian culture . A goal of this cultural festival was to promote, educate, and share many diverse aspects of Asian cultures with the people in Sweden.

Sri Lankan stall was decorated with traditional handicrafts such as wooden crafts, silver ware, brass and copper products, handlooms, rush & reed ware and trading items such as coir products, ceramic products, soft & wooden toys, natural cosmetics, spices, tea etc. Eye catching photographs were displayed showcasing cultural heritage and natural beauty of Sri Lanka under eight main themes covering Pristine nature , Heritage, Thrills, the Wild, Bliss, Scenic beauty , Essence and Festivity . These photographs on display, attracted many visitors to the stall. The staff of the Embassy arranged delicious traditional Sri Lankan food for the visitors and none of them missed the culinary delights of Sri Lanka. In addition, Ceylon tea was served , much to the delight of the visitors at the event. There was much demand for Ceylon tea , as the visitors expressed their gratification tasting a cup of pure Ceylon tea.Furthermore, brochures on tea & Sri Lanka tourism were distributed at the Sri Lankan stall.

In addition, on stage an eight year old Isla Oceani Fernando, a Sri Lankan child living in Sweden entertained and enthralled the gathering with her performance on Sri Lankan traditional, folk dancing and singing items.

Furthermore, a short documentary film on cultural heritage combined with the natural beauty of Sri Lanka was screened and the visitors were impressed by the beauty and diversity of Sri Lanka as a tourism destination.

This festival has created many opportunities to Sri Lanka as the visitors were interested in Sri Lankan cultural materials, handicrafts, trading items . Furthermore, Sri Lanka Embassy in Sweden used this occasion to promote Sri Lanka as a tourist destination and was able to show that Sri Lanka is one of the few places in the world that can offer the travelers a combination of landscapes, scenic mountain ranges to pristine beaches, basically offering diversity within one country.

The success of this event can be attributed to the voluntary contributions made by each and every staff member of this Embassy, which was conducted on a Sunday 08th March 2015.

08th March 2015
Embassy of Sri Lanka in Stockholm

Second Asian Cultural Festival in Stockholm

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Embassy of Sri Lanka in Sweden celebrates the 67th Independence Day of Sri Lanka

web67th Independence Day of Sri Lanka was commemorated at the Sri Lanka Embassy in Stockholm on 4th and 7th of February respectively.

The celebrations on the 4th of February was arranged for the Diplomatic community based in Stockholm.   Around hundred Diplomats graced the occasion with their presence.  Hence it was a well attended programme.  Senior officials of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden were also present on the occasion.  National Anthems of Sri Lanka and Sweden were rendered by the Sri Lankan children living in Sweden and H.E. the Ambassador delivered a National Day speech.  The guests were invited to a Sri Lankan traditional meal arranged by the Embassy.

On the 7th of February, Sri Lankans living in Sweden were invited for the Independence Day Celebrations.   The national flag was hoisted by H.E. the Ambassador Oshadhi Alahapperuma, followed by singing the National Anthems of Sri Lanka and Sweden,  and lighting the oil lamp.  Two minutes silence was also observed in honour of National Heroes.  The National Day Message of H.E. the President was read out by H.E. the Ambassador while the Message in Tamil language was read out by Ms. Dharcica Sinniah.

Buddhist, Hindu, Islam and Christian religious dignitaries Ven. Watapana Pannaratana Thero, Ven. Matale Dhammakkanda Thero, Kurukkal Mohan Aiyar, Immam Yusuf Muslim and His Eminence Acting Bishop Fredrik Emmanuelsson, delivered the sermons in accordance with their religious faith and blessed the nation and the people of Sri Lanka   on this occasion.

There were around hundred Sri Lankans enthusiastically participating at the event and they were invited for a sumptuous Sri Lankan meal arranged by the Embassy.

Celebrations of the 67th Anniversary of Independence – Photo Gallery
► Official Celebration
► Diplomatic Reception



Christmas Celebrations at the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Stockholm


A pre-Christmas celebrations was held at the Embassy of  Sri Lanka in Stockholm  on 22nd  December 2014 in conjunction with Christmas festivities. The event was held amidst an atmosphere of joy and goodwill, symbolizing the religious harmony among different communities of Sri Lankans living in Sweden. Acting Bishop of Stockholm Catholic Church,  the Chief incumbent of the Stockholm Buddhist Vihara, the Aiyar of the Ganesh Temple  graced the occasion  representing  different faiths of religions  in existence in  Sri  Lanka. The event was held with the initiative of H.E. Mr. Oshadhi Alahapperuma  with the fullest cooperation extended by the  staff of the Embassy.

Following the welcome speech delivered by the Charge d’ Affaires,  the Acting   Bishop conveyed a religious sermon  reminding of the true meaning of Christmas and emphasized on  the  impending visit of Pope Francis to Sri Lanka in January 2015 ,  as a  message to the world,  on the  religious harmony  prevalent in Sri Lanka.

The highlight of the event was the rendition of Christmas Carols and the Lucia performance, (affiliated with  the Swedish culture)  presented  by the Sri Lankan children living in Stockholm,  that brought joy to those present at the event. The Sri Lankan community joined hands with  the staff of the  Embassy of Sri Lanka on   another recital of  Christmas Carols, and the songs were presented in Sinhala, Tamil, English and Swedish languages.

Christmas ambience was generated, by  setting up  the  Christmas crib and the nativity scene displayed , at the venue with the participation of the children and the youth. Gifts were distributed among all participants as a token of appreciation of their enthusiastic contribution.  The event brought together around 150 guests and they were entertained with a sumptuous Sri Lankans dinner arranged by the Embassy.

The event concluded on the note of happiness, unity among all Sri Lankans   living in Sweden looking forward for a Christmas filled with love and a New Year full of peace.
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